Making a Difference

There are many ways that you can prevent the ocean’s valuable resources from becoming overfished  or worse, extinct.

1. Make an effort not to purchase red list species from your local supermarkets. To see which species are red listed, visit the Greenpeace website here. At the top of that page, you can enter your state to see ratings Greenpeace has given to various supermarkets in your state.

2. Read the ingredients of processed food made with fish. Almost always, it will tell you the species of fish. Choose wisely.

3. Make an effort not to eat fast food and chain restaurant “white fish” sandwiches as they are almost always Alaska Pollock or Hoki. If you’re unsure, the restaurant manager should possess the information regarding the species of fish used in their food.

4. You can make a donation to Greenpeace USA here. Greenpeace has continued to be a world leading organization dedicated to the well being of the environment.

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